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Our Property

Sunsets over the valley

Bear River Vineyards sits on eleven acres of beautiful valley land. Stretching from the banks of the river all the way up to Chute Road and the Winery. The panoramic views of the valley from the precipice overlooking the vineyard are captivating.

Our land gives us more than grapes

Our ideal growing conditions make this versatile place home to more than just wine grapes. A short walk will reveal table grapes, peaches, several types of berries and currants, walnuts, lavender, mint and more!

Our iconic greenhouse sustained significant damage this winter and had to be removed. Stay tuned as we try to find a new way to sustain our majestic fig tree. Fingers crossed we will have figs again next season. 

Harvesting the power of the sun 

You may notice solar panels situated around the property. We are proud to say that we take advantage of the natural power of the sun and utilize solar energy whenever possible for our operation.